Friday, July 13, 2012

Mug Tutorial

Hi everyone!  I'm back with the TUTORIAL for my Wedding Mugs - my project for Exploring Cricut this week.  So, here goes!  This is the final product:

The first thing I did, was go to the dollar store, and buy some plain glass mugs for a dollar each:

I then created the design on my Gypsy girl.  In this case, the Mr and Mrs are from Gypsy Font.  I welded them together.  The lips are from the Don Juan cartridge, and the Mustache is from Winter Frolic.  He belongs to one of the wise men.  I used the hide contour feature to hide the beard and all the other little pieces, and then re-sized the mustache.

I then cut out the designs with Vinyl, using my Cricut, and adhered the vinyl to the clear mugs.  As you can see, I used the negative image.  Before I took off the transfer paper, I made sure the edges of the word and image were VERY well stuck down, because I wanted to be sure that my final image was nice and crisp.

Then, I peeled back the transfer tape.  The only tricky part was the little dots inside the "R"s.  So here are my two prepared mugs:

I etched the glass, using a product called Armour Etch.  I bought it at Michael's using a 50% off coupon, cause it is NOT cheap!  It is a dangerous product, so you have to use it outside, and wear gloves and goggles, I even wore an apron.  I made sure the kids and the dog were nowhere near me.

Following the directions on the bottle, I applied the the Armour Etch:

After waiting the required amount of time, I rinsed off the etching cream, and then - voila!  Two perfect, hand-made wedding gifts!

Aren't they fun?  I made a few of these mugs to have as wedding gifts.  I think they make lovely, personal presents.

Be sure to pop over to Exploring Cricut - they have a new project every day created by one of their designers, AND a challenge every 2 weeks.  There is tons of inspiration there!  Check it out!

A la prochaine...



Nana said...

Love these mugs. I want to try my hand at etching.


Scrappin Rabbit Designs said...

Great idea and thanks for the tutorial. I've always wanted to try this. Can you wash the mugs in the dishwasher? TFS.

Debbie said...

These are great!! What a fun gift! Etching is so fun and so easy to make personalized gifts!

Sharon said...

Awesome tutorial Michelle!!! The perfect wedding gift!! :)

Diane said...

Great job Michelle!

~ Jo ~ said...

Oh Michelle these are so beautiful!!! The perfect wedding gift!

Thank you for also becoming a follower on my blog.. I am now your newest follower as well. =)