Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today, my wonderful husband had the kids all day, and I spent the day scrapbooking!! I did 11 double page spreads, which is pretty impressive for me. I need to start scrapping at home. I have a great space - though small and short on shelves and storage. I have my cricut and all my cartridges, I have 3 years worth of pictures to scrapbook... It is a fairly overwhelming prospect, truth be told.

It is a perfect time of year to scrapbook. There is nothing on TV, so in the evening I could do a loayout or two. My plan is to stay home tomorrow afternoon, while hubby and the munchkins go to the in-laws, and get my space set up a bit better. Then, I am planning to start. So that's the goal. less time on the computer/ TV and more time scrapping. We'll see how it goes..

A la prochaine...

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